Editing contact records

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DailyStory enables you to edit a contact's main record in the system and the contact's specific record in a campaign.

Editing a contact's record in the system (contact's main record)

Open a contact's record by selecting the contact's name on the Contacts page or from a contact search results list. On the contact's record page, select Edit Contact. The system displays the Edit a Contact page. You can update the contact's information as needed.

Important: If you are using an integration partner to manage and automatically update your contacts data, the DailyStory platform acknowledges the integration partner's system as the main database. Therefore, when you edit a contact's data using DailyStory, the changes will not reflect in the integration partner's database. In the next data sync, the changes you applied using DailyStory will be overwritten by the master data coming from the integration partner.

Editing a contact's record in a campaign (contact's lead record)

This method allows you to manage and update a contact's information that is unique to a specific campaign. Open the details page of the campaign your contact belongs to. Select Leads from the Campaign tabs. The contact's name will be displayed in the campaign's list of leads.

Select the contact's name to display the following page. On this page, you can update the contact's campaign information as needed.

Tip: On this page, you can select the contact's name to go to the contact's main record page.

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