Cloning a campaign

Christy Cook Updated by Christy Cook

The Cloning feature in DailyStory only applies to account holders who are utilizing sub-accounts and have been setup accordingly in the system.

When sub-accounts are enabled, the parent account can select a campaign and push a copy down to one or many of the sub-accounts. Cloning copies the campaign and all of its assets to the sub-account(s).

To clone a campaign, follow these steps:

  1. From within a campaign, click the hamburger menu and select Clone Campaign
  1. Place a checkmark in one or more sub-accounts and click Clone Campaign
  1. The campaign name will copy over with the parent account's name added to the end or you can change the name before cloning. Next, click on Clone Campaign and you will receive a "Hooray" confirmation on your screen before returning to the campaign.
Sub-accounts will still need to make edits and customizations to incorporate their site specific information where appropriate.

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