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When you share a link in email, Twitter, LinkedIn or other websites and that link does not go back to your website you miss an opportunity to market to a potential customer.

Using DailyStory outbound link tracking you can publish links to content you want to share. You can track click-throughs as well as pass along additional information about the user or link. And, when you add a retargeting pixel provided by your advertisement provider (e.g. Facebook, Google and many more) DailyStory sends this Pixel to people that click on your shared link. Banner or other ads use the retargeting pixel to show your ads to visitors on those websites - even though they haven't visited your website. Effectively enabling you to retarget those potential customers.

For example, you share a link to some great industry research through a Twitter post and you are a customer of Google AdWords. After adding the Google AdWords tracking pixel in DailyStory you create an outbound link to the industry research you want to share. You then publish a tweet with that outbound link. When people click on your tweeted link visitors will receive a Google AdWords pixel and later when viewing web sites that are part of the Google Ads network your targeted ad can be shown to that visitor (even though they never visited your website).

Retargeting is a powerful tool to help you connect with potential customers.

Technical Breakdown

A retargeting pixel is typically a small snippet of JavaScript or an HTML image that is provided by the advertisement provider. When visitors click on an outbound link in DailyStory they are first redirected to a webpage that renders your retargeting pixels and are then redirected to their end page. It is important to note that to receive the benefit of retargeting you also need to run ads within the advertisement network whose retargeting pixel you are using (e.g. Google).

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