FAQs: Contacts

Richale Cabauatan Updated by Richale Cabauatan

The following are frequently asked questions about the DailyStory contacts feature.

How do I find a list of my Bounced contacts?

Emails can soft bounce or hard bounce. The system will retry to soft bounce your email up to five times within a 24-hour period. Pass the mentioned limits, the system changes the email's status to hard bounce. Hard bounces fail permanently and as a result, the system automatically updates the contact's status to Bounced in the contact's record.

To generate a list of your Bounced contacts, perform a contacts search and use the Status: Bounced as a filter. This search will return a list of contacts that the system tagged as Bounced.

How do I find a list of contacts that have unsubscribed?

If a contact unsusbscribes from your emails, the contact's status will automatically be updated to Unsubscribed. To generate a erport of your unsubscribed contacts, select Email OptOut from the Reports drop-down menu on the navigation bar. DailyStory displays a list of your unsubscribed contacts.

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