Setting Up A Subdomain

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To enable DailyStory to host your subdomain, e.g., please follow the instructions below.

You will need to talk with someone on your IT team or with your hosting company to complete these steps.

And please note that DailyStory only supports subdomains for commercial customers.

  1. Create a CNAME Record

Create a DNS CNAME record that points to

NAME                    TYPE   VALUE
-------------------------------------------------- CNAME
  1. Verify the DNS change

It can take several hours for a DNS change to propagate. You can check the status of your DNS entry using DNS lookup tools, such as Uptrends, MX Toolbox, and others.

Using these tools will enable you to see if your new DNS entry is properly resolving to DailyStory.

  1. Notify us

Once your CNAME record is configured, please tell your customer success manager. You will need to provide them with your CNAME entry, e.g.

There is some network configuration that must be done by DailyStory for our servers to allow your subdomain.

  1. Provide a certificate

We highly recommend providing a security certificate so that your pages hosted by DailyStory can be secure.

Be sure that the certificate is properly configured for your subdomain. If you are purchasing a certificate, we recommend a wild card certificate from GoDaddy.

Supplying a certificate will ensure browsers do not show warnings for potentially insecure pages.

  1. Configure your subdomain

Once your customer success manager has verified that your subdomain is configured, log into your DailyStory account and navigate to Admin > Custom Subdomain under the advanced section:

Custom subdomain

Enter the subdomain and a URL to redirect to if there is a problem on the subdomain, such as when a page cannot be found.

If you enter a URL starting with "https://", you must provide DailyStory with a certificate for your subdomain.

Landing Pages that you create in DailyStory will now automatically use your subdomain.

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