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Watch our short video tutorial or follow the steps below to create a campaign in DailyStory.

Steps to create a campaign

To create a campaign, either click the Create Campaign link in the top menu bar or navigate to Campaigns and select + Create from the Campaign's sidebar menu.

Either option opens the Create a Campaign form:

Create a Campaign
A best practice is to create a campaign for specific activities such as Black Friday Sale or Free Trial.

On the Create a Campaign screen, there are a number of fields:

Name (required)

The name of the campaign


The description of your campaign within DailyStory.


Optionally add one or more segments used to populate the campaign with existing contacts.


Task Assignment

Optionally assign a follow-up task to a user when a new lead is created in the campaign. Especially useful when running lead collection campaigns, such as from a Popup.

Task Assignment

Tasks are assigned for leads added through acquisition features such as web forms, popups and the API. New campaigns are set to "Do no assign a follow-up task".


Send a notification email to one or more users when a new lead is created. Notifications also determine who is sent replies to text messages.

New Lead Notifications

Notifications are only sent for leads added through acquisition features such as web forms, popups and the API.

New campaigns are set to "Do not send notifications". Unlike Task Assignment, Notifications may be set to send to all users or specific users.


Set a start/end date for the campaign. Campaigns that are paused will activiate on the start date and campaigns that are active will pause on the end date.

Workflows within campaigns will only run during the start/end dates.

New campaigns are set to "Do not set duration".

Additional Options

  • Auto qualify leads - An advanced option used when integrating with a sales CRM, such as Salesforce. New leads are automatically converted to a status of Qualified.
  • Campaign enabled - Toggle to pause an active campaign.
  • Campaign tracking token - Sets the Google Analytics UTM of all outbound links from this campaign to the specified value (uses the campaign name by default).
Additional options

New campaigns are set to not auto qualify leads and are enabled.

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