Zapier Integration

DailyStory's Zapier integration enables you to connect DailyStory with thousands of other applications using Zapier’s Triggers and Actions. Note: unlike DailyStory's native integrations, use of Zapie…

Rob Howard
Updated 1 month ago by Rob Howard

GoToWebinar integration using Zapier

Using DailyStory's Zapier integration you can connect many different types of applications together. The DailyStory + GoToWebinar integration shares registrant and attendee data with your DailyStory…

Christy Cook
Updated 1 month ago by Christy Cook

Save SMS Replies to Google Sheets using Zapier

This article details how to use Zapier integration with DailyStory to write text message replies to a Google Sheet. Specifically, when a customer texts your SMS number a row is written to a specific…

Rob Howard
Updated 1 month ago by Rob Howard