DailyStory Lead Visit Alerts

A DailyStory Lead Visit Alert enables you to notify team members or send follow-up emails when leads visit specific pages on your website.

Use of Lead Visit Alerts require that the DailyStory Tracking Tag is installed

Creating and Editing a Lead Visit Alert

To creae a new Lead Visit Alert go to Acquisition > Lead Visit Alert. This will show you a list of all the existing Lead Visit Alerts. You can edit a Lead Visit Alert by clicking on it and you can create a new Lead Visit Alert by clicking the + New Lead Visit Alert button:

All Lead Visit Alerts

Clicking either will open the Lead Visit Alert editor:

Lead Visit Alert editor

The Lead Visit Alert editor has several options:

Page The page is the full URL that DailyStory will monitor for visits from known leads or customers.

Use of Lead Visit Alerts require that the DailyStory Tracking Tag is installed

Enabled The enabled toggle controls whether or not the Lead Visit Alert is enabled.

Page Visit Rules

Next, rules are created when known leads visit the page identified above.

Lead Visits an action can be taken on each visit or on visit 1 - 10. For example, a rule can be configured such that a rule is triggered the 2nd time a known lead visits your page.

Action the action identifies the action taken when the lead visits the identified page. An email notification can be sent to a team member or an email can be sent to the lead that visited the page. Options for sending the lead an email also include delaying when the email is sent.

Using the using option is determined by the action. If the action is to send a notification, the drop down will show a list of DailyStory users that can receive the notification. If the action is the send the lead an email, the drop down is a list of the emails that can be sent to the lead.

Lead Visit Alert Notification

Below is an example of the notification email sent to notify when a lead visited a page:

Lead Visit Alert Notification Email