Push Notification Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are frequently asked questions about Push Notifications:

Is everyone sent the same Push Notification?

No. Each Push Notification sent by DailyStory is send individually to each recipient. This is done so each message can be personalized to each recipient.

Can I personalize the content in the Push Notification?

Yes! Using DailyStory's Personalization tokens and conditions you can add personalized content to your Push Notifications similar to emails and text messages.

Why didn't my contact receive a Push Notification?

Unlike email and text messages, Push Notifications do not provided delivery information.

There may be several reasons why a recipient did not receive your Push Notification:

  • The recipient may not have been included in the segment the Push Notification was sent to;
  • The recipient may not have opted-in to receive Push Notifications;
  • The recipient may have disabled Push Notifications;
  • The app isn't properly registering the device id with DailyStory;
  • Or Twilio Notify Service integration is not properly configured.

Can one contact have multiple devices?

Yes! If your App is installed on multiple devices, such as an iPhone and and iPad, each of the device ids are registered with DailyStory. When a Push Message is sent, the message is sent to all the devices registered for the Contact.

How do I enable DailyStory to send Push Notification to my App?

Enabling DailyStory to send Push Notifications to your App requires registering the device id. This provides DailyStory with a unique identifier (the device id) that identifies the App and the individual. Secondly, Push Notifications are sent by DailyStory using Twilio. Twilio Notify Service integration must be configured. DailyStory can manage and configure this service for you, or you can do it yourself.

Why can't I see delivery information?

Push Notification messages do not provide delivery information. Unlike email and text messages, if you want to know if your recipient receives your Push Notification additional updates to your App are required to tell DailyStory when a message is received.

What is a Device Binding?

A device binding is a unique identifier that uniquely identifies your app and the devices the app is installed on. When an App is installed on the device and the end user agrees to receive notifications, a device binding is created. This device binding, or device id, is then sent to DailyStory. When DailyStory sends a Push Notification the device id is used to identify the recipient.

Can I start an automation when a device is registered?

Yes! Create a new Autopilot automation in a campaign and use the When device is registered trigger. This trigger is called whenever a device is registered. It will first check to see if the contact associated with the device is in the campaign (and add them if not) and then run the next step in the automation.

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