Segment Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some frequently asked questions about Segments.

What is a static segment?

A static segment is a segment that you manually add/remove Contacts to.

What is a dynamic segment?

A dynamic segment is a segment that is automatically built from the results of a search. Contacts cannot be added/removed as only contacts that match the search are part of the segment.

How often are dynamic segments updated?

Dynamic segments are rebuilt - where contacts are added or removed by DailyStory every 24 hours at 2AM in the timezone where the DailyStory data center is located. And, anytime a dynamic segment is saved it is also rebuilt.

Why do some contacts not show up in my segment?

Contacts may not show up in your segment for several reasons. First, they may not have been added, may have been recently removed, or do not match the search criteria for the dynamic segment. If a contact is inactive or has opted out of all channels (do not contact) they also will not show up in the segment.

How do I remove contacts from a Dynamic segment?

The only way to remove contacts from a dynamic segment is to build a search that excludes them.

How do I use segments in a campaign?

To add a segment to a campaign, so that it is available in the scheduler for emails, push notifications, text messages, etc. you need to edit the campaign and add the segments.

How do I send a message to a specific segment?

To send a message, such as an email, to a specific segment edit the email in the campaign and use the scheduler. The scheduler provides an option for who to send to. Here you can pick the segments to send your message to.

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