Account Settings Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my uploaded image appear blurry?

If you uploaded a large image, DailyStory will resize your image to fit the recommended dimensions. However, when this resize occurs it can impact the quality of your image. If you can, it is best to export an image from a graphic program (or request one from your designer) constrained to the recommended dimensions of 300px wide and 150px tall.

Why are the dates and times shown differently than my local date and time?

Most likely, the account's time zone or your personal time zone has not been set. DailyStory defaults to universal time (UTC). Please review your account time zone settings and your personal time zone settings.

How do I change the format used for dates and times?

To change the format DailyStory uses for dates and times, go to your Personal Settings and choose options from Time Zone and Display preferences.

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