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Personal Settings enable you to configure options related to your login account for DailyStory. This includes settings such as email address, timezone, notifications and more.

This guide provides a list of resources to help you get started with Personal Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

To access your personal settings, navigate to Account Settings > Personal Settings

Personal Settings

Contact Details

The contact section of your Personal Settings are used by DailyStory to configure where emails and text messages may be sent to.

If services such as Text Message are enabled for your account, the mobile number you specify is used to send confirmation text messages and is the default for any test Text Messages you wish to send to yourself.

An email address is required to create a user in your account.

When using features such as Text Messages that requires  Twilio integration, your mobile number must be set to complete the configuration.


The timezone determines how dates and times are shown and is also required when creating scheduled activities (emails, text messages, and so on). If your timezone is not set, DailyStory will default to the timezone found in your  Account Settings. If timezone is not set in Account Settings or Personal Settings, DailyStory will default to UTC time.

Display Options

Use Display Options to configure how DailyStory will display values such as money, dates and times.

DailyStory does not manage currency conversions.

Notification Preferences

There are many types of notifications that DailyStory sends. Two of these notifications are New Lead Notifications and Daily Digests.

The New Lead Notification is sent whenever a new inbound lead is created in any campaign.

For example, if a Magic Form is configured for a contact form on your website, whenever someone completes the form and DailyStory receives the lead you will be sent a New Lead Notification. By default, new users in DailyStory are subscribed to New Lead Notifications.

The Daily Digest email is a digest email of all activities that occurred the previous day. It is sent at 7:00AM every morning and contains metrics such as: leads created, page visitors, website sessions and more. It also includes a list of the leads (up to 25), a list of returning contacts (up to 25) and, when enabled, a list of identified anonymous visiting companies. By default, new users in DailyStory are not subscribed to Daily Summary emails.

To opt out of Daily Summary New Lead Notification emails, turn the respective notifications to off:


Sign in Account

If you manage multiple accounts within DailyStory you can identify which account is the account you are logged into when you sign in to DailyStory.

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Account Settings Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Settings Frequently Asked Questions