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Building Web Forms with the DailyStory Web Form designer is simple. In the designer, a completed form may look something like this - with multiple text boxes, a reCAPTCHA and a submit button:

Adding items to the designer is as simple as dragging from the left options pane and dropping onto the design surface.

Drag-and-drop Form Items

Drag-and-drop form items onto the design surface:

Once added to the design surface, form elements can be selected and re-arranged by dragging them up or down.

To create a web form, you must have either an email address or mobile number field as part of the form. We must have one or the other to be used as the unique identifier for the contact record.

Re-arrange Form Item Order

Form elements can be selected and dragged to re-order then:

Form Items

There are 3 types of form items that can be added to the Web Form designer (with more planned):

  • Inputs - text boxes, drop downs, checkboxes, and text areas.
  • Content - HTML text and labels.
  • Misc - reCAPTCHA

Input Form Items

Input form items are used to collect data, such as first name and email address.

Text field

The text field gives the user the ability to enter information that is mapped to a contact record, such as their name. When an input form item is added to the designer, a menu on the right-side opens up with options. The screenshot below shows the options for Text Input:

Use Placeholder text to set text in the text input. This enables people completing the form with additional detail on what information they need to enter.

Use Label to optionally set a label for the form.

Map to lead field (required) tells DailyStory how to handle this data when it is submitted. In the screenshot above the input text will populate a lead's Full name field.

Required checkbox indicates if the person completing this form is required to enter data for this field.

As you set options on the form items, those options are reflected in the designer:

When asking for contact information, it's always better to ask for a first name and last name separately versus the "full name".
Multi-line text field

The multi-line text (HTML textarea) field is similar to a text field, but allows for longer entries. For example, on a contact us form asking for more details.


Add an HTML checkbox field to your form.

Unlike other fields, the label of a checkbox is displayed inline and to the right of the checkbox:

The checkbox field should be mapped to a custom field that is of type True/False or Yes/No.

The Dropdown contains a pre-populated list of values that is selected from.

The Dropdown form item has some additional options. Specifically, the ability to populate a list of options for the dropdown:

To add a name (displayed) and value (what is saved) click Add Name/Value. This will open a new window where you can add a name and a value.

If you've added several name/values you can rearrange the order by clicking and dragging.
Submit button

Every form must contain a submit button. The submit button text can be set, along with a number of other options as shown below:

Content Form Items

Content form items enable you to easily add labels or HTML text onto your form.

While labels are supported as content form items, it is better to use the label option on the form item itself.

The Label is used to add an additional label to an area of your form. This is useful if you want to create a section for certain form elements.

Rich Content / HTML

The Rich Content / HTML is used to add any additional content (images, video, text) to your form.

Also remember that a form can additionally be embedded in a DailyStory landing page.

Misc Form Items

The Misc Form Items provides a list of additional items that may be added to your form.

  • Share Buttons which allow this form to be shared with others.
  • SMS Consent optains consent to send SMS marketing
  • Email Consent optains consent to send email marketing
  • reCAPTCHA which allows you to determine if a user is a bot or human.

If reCAPTCHA integration is configured you can add the reCAPTCHA widget to your form.

Provided by Google, reCAPTCHA is a free service that protects your website from spam and abuse by adding a simple test to your web or mobile experience.

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