Google Analytics Integration

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DailyStory will always add or honor any Google Analytic UTM codes used in your URLs. However, DailyStory will attempt to add UTM codes if none exist.

“UTM” stands for “Urchin tracking module.” UTM codes are added to the end of regular URL's and are designed to tell Google Analytics (and other analytics tools) a little bit more information about each link and which marketing campaign it relates to.

Below are the UTM codes that DailyStory will recognize:


Used to indicate the source of the link. When not set DailyStory will set the utm_source to DailyStory.


Used to indicate how a link was shared. For example, banner, email, or social_media. When not set DailyStory will set the utm_medium to the DailyStory feature, e.g. email, text_message, tracking_link, associated with the link.


Used to indicate the campaign the link is associated with. When not set DailyStory will set the utm_campaign to the name of the campaign in DailyStory.


In addition to the UTM codes outlined above, DailyStory will pass its own ds_campaign parameter. This is a custom parameter DailyStory uses in conjunction with other features, such as our beacon, to help track campaign performance.

The ds_campaign parameter can be set in a campaign's settings.

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