Beacon Frequently Asked Questions

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Some integrations, like WordPress and Shopify, automatically install a beacon once you have integrated them with DailyStory.

Where should I place the script for the beacon?

Place the beacon JavaScript in the <head> section of all pages in your website, as well as any landing pages. It's important that the beacon is available on any pages people may visit.

How does the beacon work?

The beacon serves several purposes:

  • Identifies and captures website visit data
  • Loads the DailyStory JavaScript API
  • Enables features, such as Magic Forms and Popups
  • Tracks incoming links to your website

Is there anything else to install?

No, the beacon does not require any other JavaScript libraries.

Does the beacon slow down my web page?

No, the beacon will not slow down your web page or interfere with loading pages on your website. The beacon is designed to load after your web page loads.

Can I install the beacon with Google Tag Manager?

No, Google Tag Manager does not currently support DailyStory's beacon because we have not submitted it yet.

What if I'm using WordPress?

Please use our WordPress plugin.

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