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Subscription preferences allow contacts to identify the type of communication they wish to receive. This is a useful option when contacts wish to opt out of some content but continue to receive other content.

Subscription preferences help prevent contacts from opting out of all communication.

For example, you may send content in the following categories:

  • Fitness and Walking
  • Recipes and Nutrition
  • Victory Stories and Weight Loss

Using subscription preferences a contact can choose to receive "Recipes and Nutrition" messages while opting out of all other outbound messaging.

Note: Subscription preferences are disabled until a subscription preference is added.

It is important to note that the use of subscription preferences adds additional complexity. It requires you to identify the subscription preference(s) for a campaign.

How Subscription Preferences work

A subscription preference enables opting out of content that the contact does not wish to receive.

For example, if a contact sets a subscription preference to "Recipes and Nutrition," they are effectively opting out of any content not associated with "Recipes and Nutrition."

Within a DailyStory campaign, if the Subscription Preference does not include "Recipes and Nutrition" outbound content sent from that campaign (Email, Text Messages, and more), then it will not be sent to that contact.

Adding a Subscription Preferences

  1. To add subscription preferences, navigate to Contacts > Manage Subscription Preferences,
  2. Click the button the Add Subscription Preference to add subscription preferences:

To edit a subscription preference, you can click the name and change the name and description.

Tips on Subscription Preferences

A good subscription preference is:

  • Clear and simple, e.g. "Newsletters"
  • Includes a description with the type of content and frequency it will be sent

For example:

Recipes and Nutrition
Each Tuesday, you’ll get dietitian-approved recipes and nutrition advice delivered to your inbox. Our team of experts will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition, common diets and the different nutrients your body needs. Plus, they’ll serve up tasty recipes you’ll love, no matter your dietary preferences.

A subscriber can clearly discern what the content is about and the frequency (every Tuesday) for when the content is sent.

Removing Subscription Preferences

Subscription preferences that are not used (no contacts have opted out) may be deleted. However, if a contact has opted into a given preference, that preference cannot be deleted.

Apply Subscription Preferences to Campaign

Once subscription preferences have been created, you will need to edit your campaigns where subscription preferences should be applied.

Important: If no subscription preferences exist, the Subscriber Preference option when editing the campaign is not shown.

When subscription preferences do exist, you can configure as follows:

  • No subscriber preference selected: All campaign recipients are eligible to receive outbound content. Recipients that have a preference specified will not receive any content.
  • One or more subscriber preferences selected: All campaign recipients are eligible to receive outbound content. Recipients who have a preference specified and do not match a preference target of the campaign will not receive any content. However, recipients that do have a preference specified and a preference matches with the configured campaign preference will receive outbound content from that campaign.

Email Subscription Preference Opt-in

In addition to the unsubscribe merge tag, there is a subscriber preferences merge tag:


This merge tag is replaced with the URL to the subscriber preferences screen in DailyStory when the email is sent.

The preferences are also shown if the recipient clicks Unsubscribe.

Note: The subscriber preferences merge tag is automatically built into the email footer in the DailyStory email designer.

When clicked the recipient sees the following in their browser:

The email recipient can check or uncheck which content they wish to receive.

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