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Campaigns are the cornerstone feature of DailyStory. Everything in DailyStory is associated back to a campaign.

In DailyStory, campaigns are an organized course of actions to achieve a goal. Most often, campaigns are centered around promoting products or services or generating new leads. In DailyStory, campaigns can include an assortment of tools that we call assets.

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Accessing campaigns page

You can navigate to your list of campaigns by clicking on the Campaigns button on the homepage or from the navigation menu Campaigns > Campaigns.

Campaign page layout

Your Campaigns page will display all of your active campaigns. From the top of the page, you can access the Campaigns Menu (3 lines/hamburger menu), bulk edit several campaigns at a time, or quickly create a new campaign.

From the itemized list, you can access the Quick Options Menu (3 dots) for additional campaign menu options.

Campaign menu



+ Create

Create a new campaign

* Favorites

Returns a list of only your marked favorites


List of all active campaigns (have not been archived or paused)


List of campaigns that have been disabled and put into pause status


List of campaigns not used in orver 60 days that were archived by the system


List of email messages deleted in the last 7 days


Video tutorial on creating campaigns

Help & Feedback

Opens pop-up window for help with Campaigns

Resources to get you started

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