Publishing your Web Form

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A web form created in DailyStory can be published several ways:

If you have an exist web form that you want to use with DailyStory consider using a DailyStory Magic Form.

Hosted form

Every web form created in DailyStory automatically comes with a hosted web page for the web form.

While this makes publishing your web forms simple, the layout and design of the web form is restricted.

Application Integration

DailyStory's WordPress plugin enables you to embed your web form directly within any WordPress page using a shortcode.

Styling of the form is easily accomplished using standard CSS.

Embed in a DailyStory Landing Page

Please see the documentation for DailyStory Landing Page to review adding a web form.

Embed in HTML

Embedding a DailyStory Web Form in to your custom HTML is supported. However, it requires familiarity with HTML.

To embed your web form in custom HTML follow the steps below:

  1. Get the Hosted Form URL

Find the URL to your hosted form. This should look similar to:[your web form code here]

  1. Modify the URL

Add ?embed=true to the hosted form URL. This removes the built-in social sharing buttons:[your web form code here]?embed=true

  1. Create an iframe

The height and width of the iframe must be sized to allow the form to display. For example:

<iframe src="[your web form code here]?embed=true" height="500" width="800"></iframe>
  1. Add the iframe

Add the iframe HTML to your custom HTML page.

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