DailyStory Product Updates for August 2018

August 30, 2018

  • Feature: grapejs initial check-in
  • Bug: in phone number edit contact floater
  • Refactor: Design editors for email and content
  • Feature: roles updates
  • Bug: white label error handler
  • Refactor: updates to designer

August 29, 2018

  • Refactor: update binary dependencies
  • Refactor: gloabl replace of error message
  • Refactor: Email and Content editor to design view
  • Refactor: SetAccount owner name change to add async
  • Refactor: UserPreferenceModel and AdminSettingsModel
  • Bug: handle error in text message save

August 25, 2018

  • Bug: save on change broke save button
  • Bug: API Contact Controller calling Save incorrectly.
  • Refactor: api exceptions should always return json

August 24, 2018

  • Refactor: add modified since to rule selector for perf improvement
  • Refactor: Move HasVisited logic to custom rule for perf improvement
  • Bug: tenantuid not included in SQL for social
  • Bug: email rules when send immediately, but a date is specified.
  • Refactor: add color pickers to tinymce
  • Refactor: Content consistency edits
  • Bug: lead campaign id could be set incorrectly
  • Refactor: Move roles to javascript file

August 23, 2018

  • Bug: reenable sub accounts in admin
  • Refactor: Clean up message text
  • Bug: lists enumeration was using emails
  • Refactor: fold campaign javascript into separate file
  • Refactor: white label help links in UX
  • Enhancement: continue UX work on roles
  • Refactor: rename ContactList workflow to Segment workflow
  • Bug: empty workflows shouldn't throw
  • Enhancement: get users not in role
  • Bug: owner id not being set correctly for campaigns
  • Enhancement: stub support for optout sms and push
  • Feature: initial check in of MindBody api support
  • Bug: social media could repost if channel id not set
  • Bug: contact document segment builder added filter twice
  • Bug: handle google api exceeded api query limit

August 22, 2018

  • Feature: Clone campaigns, popups, emails and workflow
  • Bug: Queued email sends didn't update contacted date
  • Enhancement: Add support for setting parent id when creating a tenant
  • Refactor: pass tenant when creating a campaign
  • Bug: show error message if creating an account fails
  • Bug: popups and magic forms shouldn't run if the campaign is not active

August 20, 2018

  • Bug: bug in lead export from campaign
  • Bug: file collisions on upload
  • Feature: begin manage roles UX
  • Feature: add reporting for content pages
  • Enhancement: set campaign id on copy for poups
  • Refactor: fold role permissions into ds_roles

August 19, 2018

  • Feature: support for roles and claims
  • Refactor: return absolute uri from image store

August 17, 2018

  • Bug: bug in copy webform not reseting id
  • Bug: bug in image management not properly quoting css url
  • Feature: add link summary report
  • Feature: update click path tracking

August 13, 2018

  • Bug: convert timeline icons to use font awesome
  • Feature: add RegisterDevice API to Contact
  • Feature: begin work to support Grape JS editor
  • Refactor: rename from exit intent to popup
  • Feature: add support for Twilio push notifications
  • Refactor: better error handling for templating