Custom Personalization Tokens

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A powerful feature of DailyStory is the ability to use custom fields you add to your contact for personalization. For example, if you add a custom coupon code field to contacts then import data in with the custom coupon code you can send emails, text messages and more that use that contact's unique coupon code.

And, while creating custom fields is simple, some integration, such as MINDBODY ONLINE, RhinoFit, Verint Community, and Salesforce (to name a few) automatically create custom fields when enabled. All these fields are available for personalization too.

When you add a custom profile field you will see a corresponding API Name column. The screen shot below shows the custom fields added when RhinoFit integration is enabled:

Now that you know where to find the API name, the next step is to use it.

To use a custom profile token in DailyStory's Personalization engine prefix the API name with profile. For example, using the fields from the screen shot above the contact's membership status is accssed as:


Important built in contact fields, such as first name, are prefixed with user. Custom fields use profile.

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