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A segment in DailyStory is a group of contacts who share one or more common characteristics and are grouped together for marketing purposes. For example, customers that purchased in the last week. This enables you to target those groups with specific messages using the most appropriate channel.

DailyStory supports two type of segments: static Segments and dynamic Segments.

Static Segments

A static segment is familiar to most marketers: a list of contacts you create and manage that meet a specific criteria. A static segment is similar to an Excel spreadsheet that you maintain - you directly add and remove contacts from it.

Once a static segment is created, contacts can be easily added and removed to the segment. You can provide specific search criteria to find specific contacts and then manually add those contacts to one or more static segments.

A static segment is also created whenever you  import contacts to help you quickly find imported contacts.

While static segments are very useful, a more powerful capability of DailyStory is the ability to create dynamic segments.

Dynamic Segments

The easiest way to think about a dynamic segment is as a search result that is saved and then automatically updates itself.

Dynamic Segments update the contacts within the segment as characteristics of the contacts are added or revised. For example, if the Dynamic Segment was based on Eligibility Date each day new Contacts may become eligible and fit the requirements of the Dynamic Segment's search.

Dynamic segments are especially useful when coupled with running Campaigns and using Custom Contact Fields.

Examples of dynamic segments could be contacts that live in a certain zip code, are a certain age or have visited in the past 30 days (if using one of our integrations that syncs this informaiton). As new contacts are created or current contacts are updated, these dynamic segments automatically update in your campaigns.

Indexed Custom Contact fields, which enables those fields to be used in search, are only available to DailyStory Professional and Enterprise customers.

This guide provides a list of resources to help you get started with Segments.

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