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The DailyStory WordPress integration is simple to set up and easy to use. The integration makes use of a DailyStory plugin for WordPress. Just install the plugin, and you'll be ready to use the integration.

What does the WordPress plugin do

The DailyStory WordPress plugin adds DailyStory visitor tracking to your WordPress website and enables the DailyStory WordPress shortcodes.

Using DailyStory's drag-and-drop web form builder tool, this means you can create no-code web forms to capture customers data and easily drop them into any WordPress page, post or even directly through PHP.

DailyStory Shortcode Quick Reference



[ds-webform id="#"]

The webform shortcode enables you to use DailyStory Web Forms in your WordPress pages and posts. Using this shortcode, you can quickly build landing pages in WordPress and easily get that data back into DailyStory. This shortcode requires the id of the DailyStory web form to display.

The webform shortcode, [ds-webform id="#"], enables you to use DailyStory Web Forms in your WordPress pages and posts.

Let's look at an example of how the [ds-webform id="#"] shortcode is used.

  1. Get the Web Form Unique Id

First, you'll need to create or edit a Web Form in DailyStory and get the Web Form's unique id:

Get the DailyStory form id
  1. Create a Page in WordPress

Next, create or edit a WordPress page or post and add [ds-webform id="#"] where # is the ID of your webform. Using the unqiue web form ID value from Step 1, this would be:

[ds-webform id="a2vmy"]

  1. Publish the WordPress Page

Next, publish the page or post, and view it in your browser.

When WordPress receives the request, it will see the shortcode [ds-webform id="a2vmy"]. It will route that request to the DailyStory plugin to process. The plugin will make an API call to DailyStory, fetch the appropriate form, progressively render its layout, add javascript for validation, add stylesheets and optionally render a Google reCAPTCHA.

When your request completes, you won't see [ds-webform id="a2vmy"] (unless there was a problem), but you will instead see the HTML form that you designed on DailyStory.

Submissions to that form are posted to DailyStory, and new content is accessible in your lead queue associated with the campaign for that Web Form.

Example Use of Shortcode

DailyStory's Contact Us page makes use of a Dailytory web form. Here is the rendered page:

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