Configuring a Popup's Layout Options

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Layout Options

Use preset layout options or custom HTML options to control where your text and buttons are located in the popup. Just click on the desired layout and you will see the content in your popup snap into place.

Border and Padding

You can customize your popup's border style as round or square, adjust the width and set the color. Setting the padding will also shift your content up/down and left/right for optimal control of the look you want.

Custom HTML Layout

Want even more control? If you can select the < / > layout option you will see an additional tab appear at the top called Custom HTML, where you can edit the html source code.

Custom Button Position and Size

Additionally, from the HTML layout setting, you can get very specific about the placement and width of the button and fields on your popup. Click on the Advanced Display Options for even more options.

The Advanced Options provides additional capabilities like button colors and determining the text for The Close Forever Button. This is additional behavior added to your popup that displays an additional button or link

Unlike the Close/Cancel button, the Close Forever button will not show the popup again to that user for one year.

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Configuring a Popup's Display Options