Web Forms Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some common questions regarding DailyStory's Web Forms.

Can I use a web form by itself?

Yes, every web form includes a pre-built form landing page. Just click on the URL of the web form when editing it.

How do I add the web form to my existing website?

Once you've created a web form in DailyStory you have several options for publishing it. The recommended method is to either host it in a DailyStory Landing Page or use the native integration with popular CMS applications, such as WordPress.

How do I include a web form in a landing page?

To include a web form in a DailyStory landing page create a web form and then select the form when creating or editing the landing page. Next, you'll need to use the `*|FORM|*` tag in your Landing Page to specify where the form is displayed.

What happens when the form is submitted?

When a visitor submits a form the contents of the form are sent to DailyStory. The visitor is redirected to another page, typically a thank you page, or shown a simple inline thank you message.

What are the best practices for using web forms?

  • Ensure your web form has a thank you page.
  • Sends an email to confirm receipt.

Sending a thank you email has the added benefit of validating the email address that the visitor provided. If the email address is invalid, you can remove them from the campaign.

Can I add custom CSS to my web form?

Yes, please see styling your web form.

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