Web Forms Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some common questions regarding DailyStory's Web Forms.

Can I use a web form by itself?

Yes, every web form includes a pre-built form landing page. Just click on the URL of the web form when editing it.

What fields are mandatory for creating a web form?

To create a web form, you must have either an email address or mobile number field as part of the form. We must have one or the other to be used as the unique identifier for the contact record.

What happens when the form is submitted?

When a visitor submits a form the contents of the form are sent to DailyStory. The visitor is redirected to another page, typically a thank you page, or shown a simple inline thank you message. They are then added as a lead to the campaign the web form is hosted in.

How do I add the web form to my existing website?

Once you've created a web form in DailyStory you have several options for publishing it. The recommended method is to either host it in a DailyStory Landing Page or use the native integration with popular CMS applications, such as WordPress.

How do I include a web form in a landing page?

To include a web form in a DailyStory landing page create a web form and then select the form when creating or editing the landing page. Next, you'll need to use the `*|FORM|*` tag in your Landing Page to specify where the form is displayed.

What are the best practices for using web forms?

  • Ensure your web form has a thank you page.
  • Asking for First Name and Last Name as separate fields, rather than asking for a full name as one input.
  • Sends an email to confirm receipt.

Sending a thank you email has the added benefit of validating the email address that the visitor provided. If the email address is invalid, you can remove them from the campaign.

Can I add custom CSS to my web form?

Yes, please see styling your web form.

How can I easily tell who has filled out a web form?

When a visitor submits a form, they are then added to the campaign the web form is hosted in as a 'lead'. You can also see who has submitted the web form itself by going to Inbound>Web Forms and selecting the 'people' icon.

How does DailyStory map the name fields if multiple names are given for a full name?

For example, Robert Evans Mouse III, Robert would mapped as the first name and then everything after the first word will be mapped to the last name.

How does DailyStory handle phone numbers entered with different punctuation?

Phone numbers will always get converted to a standard telephone format. For example (718) 999 4242 would be converted to +17189994242. The same is true if numbers are entered with dashes, as a whole number, with a country code, etc.

How can I remove the share icons on the self-hosted web form?

To remove the share icons added to the bottom of the self-hosted web form, add "?embed=true" to the end of your URL. This will hide those icons.

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