Tracking Links

Tracking Links Guide

Tracking Links are part of DailyStory's Link Management tools. These tools enable you to publish and share links (and QR codes) to important content and measure their click-through performance. The s…

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Create or Edit a Tracking Link

Create a Tracking Link. To create a Tracking Link, navigate to Acquisition > Tracking Links. From here you can either enter a URL and press return or click + Create in the main Tracking Link menu. Ne…

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Test a Tracking Link

Use the Test URL button to test the Tracking URL. This will open a new browser tab and automatically open the Tracking URL. The Test URL button adds the query string value ?__PREVIEWMODE=1 to the end…

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Tracking Link Advanced Options

Creating a basic Tracking Link using DailyStory is easy. And for the most people, this is all you need. But, for advanced digital marketers, DailyStory includes more advanced options to control how y…

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Tracking Link Metrics and Reporting

DailyStory Link Management automatically tracks metrics, such as unique clicks, on your links. But the measurements are slightly different when Link Management detects the DailyStory tag. Conversion…

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Measure click performance and track link conversions

Use DailyStory Tracking Links to track link clicks and conversions..

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Tracking Links Frequently Asked Questions

I use another Link Management platform, can DailyStory integrate with it? No, we currently do not integrate with other Link Management solutions. DailyStory's Link Management is part of the DailyStor…

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