Sending an Email

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After previewing and testing your email, you are ready to schedule an email to send.

There are 3 ways you can send emails to your contacts:

  • Schedule an email
  • Send a single email
  • Send as part of a Autopilot automation

Schedule an Email

Scheduling an email is the easiest way to send an email to your contacts. From either the Email Designer's options or the Email Settings click Schedule to open the message scheduler:

The message scheduler is the same for sending emails, text messages, push notifications, social media posts and more. 

Read more about using the scheduler.

Send a Single Email

To send a single email to a contact without scheduling the email and to bypass sending rules navigate to All Emails and browse the list of all published emails.

  1. Click on the options menu of the email to send:
  1. Select Send Email.

This will open a popup. Select the contact to send the email to and click send.

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