Configure Your Account

Steps for hosting your own subdomain with DailyStory

To enable DailyStory to host your subdomain , e.g., please follow the instructions below. You will need to talk with someone on your IT team or with your hosting company to complete…

Rob Howard
Updated 8 months ago by Rob Howard

Technical Setup Guide

This setup guide, designed for configuring advanced options for your use of DailyStory, requires some IT or technical knowledge. If this doesn't describe you, just drop us a note and we can help. Add…

Christy Cook
Updated 8 months ago by Christy Cook

Setting up Text Message Marketing

Before sending your first text message, you first need to setup and configure DailyStory text message marketing. This includes agreeing the terms of service and selecting your sending numbers. After…

Rob Howard
Updated 3 weeks ago by Rob Howard

Setting up email marketing

Setting up your email requires you to ADD several new entries to your DNS record. This is done so that when email is sent on your behalf email recipients can validate that the email comes from you. T…

Rob Howard
Updated 3 weeks ago by Rob Howard