Autopilot Automation

Autopilot Automation Guide

Autopilot is DailyStory’s friendly, drag-and-drop automation builder. You can model out complex user journeys and experiences using Triggers, Actions and Conditions. You can find all active Autopilot…

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Design an Autopilot Automation

The Autopilot Designer is a drag-and-drop designer used to visually build automations. Automations are built with three elements: Triggers , Actions and Conditions. Collectively, these are called blo…

Christy Cook
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Autopilot Triggers

An automation in DailyStory is started using a trigger. Triggers determine how a contact enters the automation. For example: starting an automation when someone completes a form on your website. Trig…

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Autopilot Actions

Actions are Autopilot blocks that perform an automated action typically after a trigger or condition is met. For example, send a welcome email when a visitor signs up. Actions are always related to t…

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Autopilot Conditions

Automations in DailyStory support logic through the use of conditions. For example, was an email opened. Conditions are unique because they support logic Yes/No branching, i.e. if the email is opened…

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View all Autopilot Automations

To view all Autopilot Automations navigate to Campaigns > Automations : From this screen you can see the name of the automation, description, campaign it is associated with. The number of people who…

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Autopilot Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions when working with DailyStory's Autopilot automation system. Why weren't my contacts added to my automation? Below are some of the common reasons why contacts…

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