Advanced Settings


DailyStory supports a robust permissions model used to control what users can do in the platform. An administrator of the account can create different permissions with limited access to certain featu…

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The Subaccounts feature enables multi-location owners to setup multiple accounts under one account. This allows the account owner to clone campaigns and assets down to subaccounts and also set up sep…

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Setting Up A Subdomain

To enable DailyStory to host your subdomain , e.g., please follow the instructions below. You will need to talk with someone on your IT team or with your hosting company to complete…

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Permissions Frequently Asked Questions

A user is in two roles, which role grants their permissions? DailyStory is designed to grant the highest level of permission given by the roles a user belongs to. If a user is in multiple roles and t…

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DailyStory Developer Guide

If you are looking for documentation on DailyStory's REST APIs and Webhooks, please see the resources below: Developer documentation. API End Point Reference Documentation.

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Audit Log

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