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Not only can you send text messages from DailyStory, you can receive them too.

When someone replies to your text message several things happen:

  • The text message reply can run an automation
  • The text message reply will get logged in the text message reply report
  • You will receive a notification that a text message reply was received
If a recipient of a Text Message replies to the Text Message, this too incurs a message cost.

Run an automation

When a text message reply is received if there is a Trigger or Condition setup for the text message, DailyStory's Autopilot will run that automation.

For example, you could start an automation when a reply is received. This could be as simple as starting a drip campaign or replying back with a specific message.

You can also setup an Autopilot Condition to evaluate the text message reply and take specific actions. For example, if you sent a text message with an an offer, e.g. "Reply YES to get this awesome deal" you could run a condition that would automate the series of actions when "YES" was received.

View replies in text message reports

When viewing All Text Messages you can click on a number in the reply column to go directly to the replies report.

Receive a notification

Below is an example of the email notification DailyStory sends. The logo will be the logo of your account.

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