Klaviyo Integration

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How to integrate Klaviyo and DailyStory

Klaviyo integration with DailyStory allows your DailyStory platform to pull in selected customer lists and segments stored in Klaviyo. These will be created in DailyStory as a synced segment and then synced and updated hourly with Klaviyo.

Items you will need:
  1. Klaviyo API key.
  2. List IDs of the Klaviyo lists and/or segments you'd like to sync.

How to find your Klaviyo API Key

  1. Log into your Klaviyo account.
  2. Select Account on the top right menu under your name.
  3. Click Settings > API Keys
  4. If you have no key, then generate one by clicking Create API Key
  5. Copy the key to paste into DailyStory.

How to find your Klaviyo customer list IDs

  1. Navigate to the Lists & Segments tab of your account.
  2. Click on the list or segment.
  3. Click on the Settings tab to find the list ID.
  4. Copy the ID to paste into DailyStory.

Enable Klaviyo integration in DailyStory

  1. Navigate to your DailyStory User Profile Menu > Integrations
  2. Click on the gear icon for Klaviyo and select Configure.
  1. Enter the saved Klaviyo API key.
  2. Enter the list IDs for the lists you would like to import and sync, separated by a semicolon.
  3. Click the Save Changes or Save and Close button.

Congratulations! Klaviyo integration is now successfully configured.

Your lists will be created in DailyStory as new synced segments. See examples below.

To find the newly created segments, navigate to Contacts > Segments, or click on the Segments button from the main dashboard.

Your integrated lists will sync hourly with Klaviyo to stay automatically updated for you. You can now assign these lists/segments to campaigns for scheduled messages, running automations and you can even use them to build other dynamic segments in DailyStory.

The sync only goes one way from Klaviyo to DailyStory, so any changes made to the segments in DailyStory will not be made in Klaviyo and will be overwritten the next time Klaviyo syncs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sync runs hourly, but why aren't contacts updated hourly?

Depending upon the size of your list in Klaviyo, sync may take some time to run. There are several factors:

  • The entire list is re-synced each time. Larger lists take longer.
  • Klaviyo restricts the number of requests per-second (throttles) API requests.

Can I import into a synced segment?

No, a synced segment cannot be updated from an import file. It can only be updated when sync runs.

Can I add or remove contacts from a synced segment?

No, you cannot add/remove contacts from a synced segment. The only way to add/remove contacts is to add/remove from them from your list in Klaviyo.

Synced List Best Practices

Synced lists are not meant for real-time or near real-time use.

For example, using a synced list to send a welcome message to new members immediately upon sign up isn't a good idea. The record has to go from your website, into Klaviyo, then synced with DailyStory. For these types of use cases we recommend using Zapier or using DailyStory features such as popups, web forms, or magic forms to capture the contact.

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