Landing Page Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I upload images?

Yes, you can upload images in by using the image widget in the designer and with the WYSIWYG editor. Images are publicly accessible and will be added to your file manager in DailyStory automatically.

Can a DailyStory Landing page also host a DailyStory Popup?

Yes, you use the landing page URL for the pop-up just like a normal website page.

Can I include JavaScript in a page?

Yes, add JavaScript between <script/> blocks in either the Custom Head or Custom Footer section of your Page or Page Template.

You can also reference JavaScript files by including a link to the file in the Custom Head section.

What is the _UID query string parameter?

The _UID querystring parameter is required on any pages hosted on any of DailyStory's shared domains.

The _UID parameter is used to tell DailyStory which tenant the content is for. When creating a new page the preview link will contain the _UID parameter.

The _UID parameter is not required for custom subdomains.

What is a page slug?

A page slug is the unique name of the page following the host name.

For example the page slug for is hello-world.

The slug for each page must be unique. You will receive an error if the slug is not unique and will be prevented from saving the page until it is changed.

Unless you configure a  custom subdomain all content hosted by DailyStory is hosted on the shared domain Pages hosted on this domain will require a _UID query string parameter. Pages hosted on your own subdomain do not require the _UID query string parameter.

Can I redirect my landing page to another URL?

Yes, using the Redirect URL and Redirect Type settings you can instruct the landing page to temporarily (HTTP 302) or permanently (HTTP 301) redirect to another URL. This is useful for managing your domains SEO.

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