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Adding contacts using automation

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You can use the following automation methods to automatically register your customers as contacts in your DailyStory system.


When an unregistered customer subscribes to any of your campaigns, DailyStory adds the customer as a new contact and campaign lead to your system. For more information, refer to Campaigns Feature Guide

DailyStory forms

When an unregistered customer completes and submits any of the following DailyStory forms, the customer is automatically added as a new contact in your system.

  • Web Forms allow you to create a customized form to place on a landing page.
  • Magic Forms allow you to link forms that are already existing or hosted on your website.
  • Pop-ups are a great tool to easily collect customer information. You can simultaneously place pop-ups in various pages of your website.

Integrated partners

If your customer's data is managed by one of our integrated software platforms and services, DailyStory automatically adds the customer as a contact in your system. Integration allows you to sync customer information seamlessly between DailyStory and any of our integration partners, such as Zapier, Mailgun, Twilio, Salesforce, and more. For a complete list of our integration partners, refer to the Integrations section.

DailyStory API

To use the DailyStory API to automatically add contacts, refer to the DailyStory Developer's Guide for more information. You can also contact us directly for advanced assistance.

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