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To create an email, navigate to Content > Emails or click on the "Emails" button from your DailyStory Dashboard. This will display All Emails. From here you can create a new blank email or a new email from a template:

You can all also click the menu in the top left and click "+ Create" to create a new blank email:

Next, you will be taken to the Email Settings screen. When the page opens you will be prompted to select the campaign the email will be associated with or assign it to a new campaign.

Later, if you want to use this email in another campaign, click 'Create a Copy'.

After selecting a campaign, you are presented with the Create Email screen:

On the Create Email screen there are a number of fields:

  • Name - The name of your email within DailyStory (recipients will not see this).
  • Description - The description of your email within DailyStory (recipients will not see this).
  • Subject - The subject of your email your recipients will see.
  • From - The from address of your email your recipients will see.
  • Preview - The preview text of your email the recipients will see.

The Subject of your email is a descriptive introduction to the body of your email message. The subject may contain emojis and personalization tags and scripts.

The From address must be a valid email address. Examples:

"Renew your membership" <>
"Rob Howard" <>

Clicking the more options dots to the right of the From address will open a popup. From this popup edit the friendly name, email address and where replies should be sent to:

Set a "Send replies to" email address if you want replies to be sent to someone other than who the email came from.

If you frequently send from the same addresses, you can enter a list of those addresses using Manage Senders.

Use Preview to optionally write content shown when the email is previewed in your recipient's inbox.

This enables you to control exactly what is seen when someone is previewing your email. The preview may contain emojis and personalization tags and scripts.

Preview is optional, but we strongly recommend always utilizing the preview text feature to override the mail client deferring to the first few lines of your email.

Once the required fields (Name, Subject and From) are complete, click the "Create Email" button to save the new email.

Next, you can either edit the HTML of the email or use the Email Designer to build a new email.

Edit an Email's Settings

When an email is selected from the All Emails list, the default action is to navigate to the Email Designer.

To edit settings, such as the From address and Subject of the email click on the more options button to the right of an email. This will open a list of actions available for this email.

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