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Email Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some frequently asked questions about DailyStory emails.

Why do emails look different across email clients?

The majority of modern email clients use a web browser as the rendering engine to parse and interpret the HTML in the email. Unfortunately Microsoft Outlook uses Microsoft Word as the rendering engine.

Microsoft Word's support for HTML is limited and some email elements may look slightly different in Outlook vs. Gmail. For example, buttons lose shading and some styling aspects in Outlook.

Why can't I find the segment I'm looking for when scheduling my email to be sent?

Double check that you have assigned the segment to the associated campaign. Only the segments assigned in a Campaign's properties will be available to select when scheduling the email.

What email addresses are ignored from sending limits?

For testing purposes you can use recipient addresses ending in and These email addresses do not count towards your license limits and will never be sent.

If you want to test sending emails, such as running a test lead through a workflow, we recommend using a disposable email address such as those obtained from Fake Mail Generator.

What is an email preheader?

The majority of email clients display a small text preview of your email in the inbox. This enables recipients to quickly scan the inbox and decide if they want read, save, or archive the email. You can set this preview text using an email preheader.

This will include a hidden HTML div in the body of your email, but will not be present when viewing the actual email.

<div class="preheader" style="display:none !important; visibility:hidden !important; mso-hide:all !important; font-size:1px; overflow:hidden !important; display:none !important;">
The contents of your preheader text

Does DailyStory support Merge Tags?

Yes. See Email Merge Tags for more details. However, personalization tags and scripts is the recommended way to personalize email content.

What happens if an email bounces?

Emails can soft bounce or hard bounce. Hard bounces fail permanently and the contact's status is changed to Bounced.

What is a soft bounce?

A soft bounce occurs when the recipients email server temporarily is unable to receive the email. Such as when the mailbox is full.

Will DailyStory try and resend soft bounces?

Yes. DailyStory will retry to send a soft bounced email 2 hours later, then 4 hours later, then 8 hours later, and then finally 24 hours later. Afterwards, if the email is still undeliverable the contact's status is set to Bounced.

How does a contact unsubscribe from my emails?

There are two ways in which a contact can unsubscribe from your emails. They click on the "Unsubscribe" link required in the footer of your emails or they can request you manually mark them as unsubscribed. If they use the link in your email, (1) they will be taken to a seperate window and asked the reason they are unsubscribing (2) the system will automatically change their contact record to an Unsubsribed status.

If they ask you to manually change their status, you can make this update on their contact record by click on the toggle button next to Unsubscribe.

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