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DailyStory Text Message Marketing Guide

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Text Messages in DailyStory can be sent as an SMS (Short Message Service) or an MMS (Multimedia Message Service). A typical single SMS message is 160 characters or less while an MMS contains an image and should be kept to about 300KB in size.

To send messages in DailyStory, it requires Twilio integration. DailyStory can manage and configure this service for you or you can do it yourself.

Important: Unless included, use of Text Messaging will incur overage charges in your DailyStory account. These charges are pass-through costs from the phone companies that charge per-SMS segments. See Understanding Text Messaging costs for more detail.

Tips for Text Messaging

  1. The shorter the better
  2. Make sure it's relevant
  3. Make sure they know it's you
  4. Use personalization (see more on built in personalization)
  5. Include the option to opt-out
  6. Be targeted with your audience
  7. Be mindful of the timing
  8. Keep images to 400px wide
  9. Avoid using URLs and links

Accessing text messages page

You can navigate to your text messages page by click on the SMS button on the homepage or from the home navigation menu Content > Text Messages. This page displays your text messages assigned to active campaigns.

Page Layout

Your text messages page will display all of your active text messages. You can access the Text Messages Menu (3 lines/hamburger menu), column sort, create a new text message, access report data, and access the Advanced Options Menu (3 dots) see what campaign the message is a part of.

Text Messages Sub-Menu



+ Create

Create a new text message

+ Send Single

Send a text message to one contact


List of active text messages being used in a campaign


List of text messages whose attached campaign has been paused


List of text messages whose attached campaign was archived


List of text messages deleted in the last 7 days


Create keywords to use in text message campaigns, social media ads, etc.


Reports for all text messages

Help & Feedback

Opens pop-up window for help with Text Messages

Resources to help you get started with Text Messages

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