Weave Integration

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Weave IQ is a modern point-of-sale system for dispensaries.

The DailyStory integration with Weave enables dispensary owners to:

  • Sync data from Weave to DailyStory
  • Track conversions from DailyStory marketing to sales
  • Use DailyStory automations, including shopping cart abandonment

Enable Weave IQ integration

To enable integration, first contact Weave and request for the integration to be enabled for your company. Integration can be enabled for an entire company, including all locations, or only for specific locations.

You should receive back:

  • Company ID (required)
  • Location IDs (optional)

Next, contact DailyStory, and request for the integration to be enabled. Provide the company ID and location IDs received from Weave.

Typically, the integration can be enabled within several minutes after receiving the request.

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