Permissions Frequently Asked Questions

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A user is in two roles, which role grants their permissions?

DailyStory is designed to grant the highest level of permission given by the roles a user belongs to. If a user is in multiple roles and the first role does not grant a permission, e.g. CampaignCanManage, but the second role does grant it, the user is given CampaignCanManage permission.

Does the name of the role matter for permissions?

No, but we recommend using names such as "Administrator" or "Content Editors" to help indicate what the role is used for.

Are roles available for API calls?

No, all API calls have full permission to perform all actions in DailyStory available through the API.

Can I have two roles with the same name?

No, you are not allowed to have two roles with the same name.

A role's permission was changed, when will it apply to the users?

Permissions are granted per session. Therefore, changes in a role's permissions are applied the next time the user logs in.

I changed permissions and locked myself out of the site

Contact your site owner, they will need to log in and add your account to an appropriate role to grant you the permissions you need.

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